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Fashion Certification Course

Our fashion certificate programs are abbreviated courses of study in specialized fields that can provide much-needed skills and knowledge in specific areas of fashion design. While they focus on the vital pillars of fashion, they also highlight the important curriculum data for the same.

This curriculum focuses on developing an understanding of key theoretical concepts and skills associated with the areas of evolving design and its components. Practical application of the knowledge and skills are demonstrated in projects reflected at both the personal and work level

Consumer Knowledge: To develop a knowledge base that will enable students to develop buying practices when designing or procuring raw products/materials.

Technological Advances: To gain knowledge of the changes in production techniques and how they influence the lives of people today.

Careers and Employment: To explore career opportunities that may lead to successful employment in the areas of fashion, interior and their collaterals.

Personal Skills: To allow students to cultivate practical skills that can be used in their daily lives.

Entrepreneurship: To develop entrepreneurial skills and evaluate opportunities within the design industry.



  1. Retail Marketing & Visual Merchandising
  2. Study of Apparel Manufacturing Process
  3. Care Renovation and Finishes of Textile
  4. Art Portfolio & design Concept
  5. Project Work
  6. Promotional Product Development
  7. Advance Illustrator
  8. Pattern Making Grading & Draping
  9. World History

Session Plan

Sr no Subject Sub-type No of session Time Duration Total no of hours Mode
1. Retail Marketing And Visual Merchandising Theory 20 2 Hrs 40 Hrs Private
2. Study of Apparel Manufacturing Process Theory 20 2 Hrs 40 hrs Private
3. Care Renovation & finishes of Textile Theory 20 2 Hrs 40 Hrs Private
4. Project Work Practical 10 2 Hrs 20 Hrs Private
5. Art Portfolio & design Concept Practical 15 2 Hrs 30 hrs Private
6.  Promotional Product Development Practical 15 2 Hrs 30 Hrs Private
7. Advance Illustrator Practical 15 2 Hrs 30 Hrs Private
8. Pattern making, grading & Draping Practical 25 2 Hrs 50 Hrs Private
9. World History Theory 15 2 Hrs 30 Hrs Private
10. Study Visits Practical 3 4 Hrs 12 Hrs
Total weekdays training 158 322 Hrs