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“It takes many years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Many organizations struggle to create a memorable and magnetic workplace culture, and it’s no wonder. Culture is tricky to define, and takes time and effort to build.

Great benefits and a workplace that is fun yet dedicated to making students happy all fit in with the INIFD Deccan’s approach to company culture — when you get the company culture right, great customer service and a great brand will happen on its own.

We believe that People don’t develop personal relationships with brands. They engage with the awesome people who give the brands meaning, personality and life.

We define and take pride in INIFD Deccan being a very well organized that does an awesome job at valuing cohesion between departments and making its employees feel heard and appreciated. This organization loves it’s employees as much as the community of students is seeks to empower.

For us all employees are a part of one big family, where we laugh, work and grow together! We have regular meets, meetings, office parties and trips that keep us all in a relaxed state of mind even in the worst of situations. Apart from this, we also make sure that all our staff members attend motivational, personality building and team building workshops.

We make sure that our employees stay focussed by motivating them with an amazing workplace culture, flexible work environment and challenging/stimulating work that is purely student-focused. The formula works.

Team Speaks

Huma Ali

Centre Head

“It is a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together!” What could define this better than INIFD Deccan, where we build careers with passion. I welcome al my students here on board as a Branch Head. As rightly said by Tim Fargo, ” Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today”

Princy Broka

Head – Sales and Marketing

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

I feel honored to contribute my bit of the share in the education field being a part of INIFD Deccan, wherein I am able to help students make the best of career choices; which in return gives me immense pride to witness the beautiful journey of my students becoming successful designers.

Ayesha Munshi

Head – Public Relations and Operations

“Be daring, be different, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. ” I motivate the students to think big & construct ideas that will turn into a business prospects, foster public relations & increase one’s professional and personal network.”

Kirti Daryani

Head – Interior Design

I believe that a strong foundation is the base to shaping careers right. Being the HOD of the Interior Design Department, I understand that a student’s future is of utmost priority and sculpting those young minds to prepare them to face the competitive interior design industry is my only aim.

Shamika Pradhan 

Head – Fashion Design

“Fashion begins the moment you are confident of yourself”
Being the HOD of the Fashion Design Department I take it as my duty to create a fashionable community out of every fashion student of INIFD Deccan. We mentor you in finding your true sense of style that will ultimately make you stand apart from the rest.

Ajay More

Head – Admin and Infra Support

“Management plays a key role in every part of our life, it helps us develop a disciplined approach towards our profession.These thoughts inspire me to keep up with the pace of the students and give them the best of the solutions, which would create a healthy and fun learning atmosphere for them.I welcome all my students here to learn with fun, and develop with integrity..”