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Passion- A potion of Happiness

Passion- A potion of Happiness

Wendy Mass once said, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”

Well, these words are so true in these Pandemic Times. The whole world is hit by Corona, we are actually watching the Human Lifestyle Evolution.

We made a cruel world, our generation, our parent’s generation, there was too little kindness, too little caring, too much of hate and anger against one another. Jealousy and insecurities were just like neighbours, who would pop out for some extra sugar every now and then. Slowly we decided our work, our passion will be our focus and we will feed sugar to only work and passion, but sooner or later it was seen that competitiveness just stole the sugar and that was it.

Now, when in the recent times we talk about self-care, mental health we realise how little have we fed our minds, our golden hearts with sugar, i.e positivity, we realise how much the trojans like jealousy and insecurity and the fears of losing has caused us nothing but loads of termites like stress, panic attacks, high blood pressures, anger issues and more than that anxiety and depression.

Have you ever recounted the time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure? Have you ever questioned yourself how did all of this affect you and most importantly what had you learn from the experiences?

It is a mess right?

Well, the whole humankind is a mess, we all are screwed with weird termites that eat up nothing but the importance of happiness and joy from our lives. We forget to embrace life as we were supposed to embrace it. We are so lost in competitiveness that we actually forget about our passion, its weird right! Something that we love the most, something that we gives us joy, we forget about it and focus on something that is competition which of-course leads to anger, stress, insecurities and then depression, panics, and anxiousness.

Wow right! The spread of all of this is like pesticides, and only one thing can do the pest control of these pesky pesticides it is to design or I mist say to do what you love. These pests are infectious they just infect our mental health and slowly our immune system.

Do you really want this pesky life? But, then what are we supposed to lead a normal, “Dal Chawal Life”, well no of-course we all want an extra-ordinary life, but then you can do additions little by little just by trusting yourself, and doing your bits.. you know like embracing each moment of your work, by being just honest with one-self, by asking yourself a question that, “does the competition really matters or does the improvement on passion or improvement on what work you do matters?”

Well, these Pandemic Times, have literally taken a toll on all of us, some of us are going through mental pressure and issues, some of you are lost in thoughts of laziness, and when everything will be just like it was earlier. Well, guess what stop thinking about the past, past are for moments, but present is for creating beautiful histories.

So let’s go step by step towards DESIGNING HAPPINESS, the only treatment to kill the pesticides like unfocused mind, laziness, panics, stress, depression, anxiety and it can go on…

So, we at INIFD Deccan, are hearing a lot of issues that our students are facing these days. So, the most common issue that every teen and millennial is facing, we have addressed it here:


Dear Passion,

I feel lost every-day. I am sorry I am just thinking about a whole of things like competition, my new college fees, the pandemic has caused a lot of financial melt-down and more than that I am becoming lazy day by day that just increases my stress levels, and my thoughts are not letting me, be productive enough. I am just lost in my thoughts…

I am not able to draw my attention away from my thoughts I am not feeling the excitement, I am not feeling anything actually these days, I am reacting severely like anger issues kind of reactions. I miss my friends, I miss my classroom, I miss college katta, I miss all the college activities, and physical assignment submissions, I miss college events, I miss my teachers, I miss riding my bike and hanging out with my friends in restaurant. I miss coming home late and lying down tired on my bed- with the thoughts of what fun will I do tomorrow. I miss nigh-outs to complete project deadlines…

I don’t know but virtuality is not making any sense to me, is it weird?  My reasons are weird and they keep on getting weirder and they’re causing nothing but stress. Hard times are here

Well, honestly I don’t feel normal, well yes of-course with you, PASSION, I wanted to be beyond normal, I wanted to embrace my imagination and draw it down on a paper, I wanted to bring an evolution with my skills, and creativity, but now all I am doing is to think, when will all be normal.

Social media and binge watch is not working as a source of entertainment and fun now, I miss the world out there, I miss the inspirations to my creativity out there, I miss lingering in the Cori-doors of my college, I miss college parking gupshups, I miss gossips, rumours and everything. Life has come to a stand-still. My parents are worried, because I wake up at 2pm or 12pm after that long gaming night, have I lost it, I do care about future and I want to be productive but I am not able to find the keys because my thoughts are making me more and more lost and I am not able to pave my way towards you…


Have I lost it, or am I the only one Lost?


Lost Souls


So, Passion has a revert back:


Hey guys and girls,

Passion here,

Okay, so guys, and girls we are all lost, as humans you need time to accept virtuality. All you need to do is chill a bit and by chilling I don’t mean to have a gaming night, or binge watch a show, or sleep-off the afternoon, or like scroll on social media, by chill I mean let’s read, let’s paint, let’s doodle, let’s cook, let’s exercise, let’s meditate, let’s plant some trees, let’s bake, let’s do a skin-care routine, let’s clean up the house, let’s do an online course.

Yes, things can be better, you know what by doing all this you will find a way towards me. As, they say wisdom is the light of life, so read, you guys have access to the INTERNET, so don’t be just on social media, start reading blogs that are of your interests, you never know you will find me.

Productivity is the key to success, thus you need to design your productiveness and staying happy will help you achieve it!

Designing Happiness, will help you imagine, imagination will lead you towards designing and designing will of-course shape your life beautifully, and you will have by your side always showing you the light towards the ways you need to walk on, I will walk by your side always ad never leave you but will just keep on getting better only if you promise to be productive.

I have a message from INIFD Deccan to all you passionate Fashion and Interior Designers. Well, INIFD Deccan has recently collaborated with IDL-Indian Design League, it is an E-Learning platform for all the young and aspiring designers. Get enrolled in it and channelize your creativity, and it will also pave your way towards me and you will never loose me, all you need to do is stop thinking about all those exhausting thoughts.

Just believe in me, and believe in everything is fine and everything will be fine… So, let’s be the best versions of ourselves and let’s kill all those pesky thoughts because who are you HUMANS, and Humans never lose if they have passion with them.

So keep on “DESIGNING HAPPINESS” and I am just next door when you design it…

Lots of Love,
Passion, with Happiness



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